The splicing and joining make the belt endless. It is done with thermo fusion by heating presses and sometimes cold glued. Reveyron proposes different joining methods and will select those that is best suited for your application.

Sharp fingertip simple splicing (DSP): Joining used for narrow belts or for belts that will work on small drum diameters (knife edge)

Straight or diagonal overlap splicing (PE and PE DIAG): Alternative joining used mainly when you do not have a heating press to thermo-fuse the belt (use cold bonding instead)

Round simple finger splicing (DS): Simple and traditional joining, used for belts without accessories in a non-aggressive environment

Finger overlap splicing (DS/DEC): Joining used for fabricated belts or belts in an aggressive environment. Not recommended for knife-edge conveyors.


Splicing, Joining and Fasteners

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