In accordance with the decree “For the Freedom to Choose One’s Professional Future” of 5 September 2018, with the aim to end unjustified pay gap between women and men, Reveyron is publishing its indicators on gender equality.

For companies with less than 250 employees, the gender equality index is calculated on a scale of up to a 100 points, based on four indicators:

  • The gender pay gap (40 points)
  • Same opportunity of having a pay rise for women as for men (35 points)
  • Pay rise after a maternity leave (15 points)
  • Presence of women in management positions (under the top 10 highest paid employees) (10 points)

On march 1, 2020, Reveyron’s gender equality index is 35 out of a 100. Two of the indicators could not be calculated as not all job and age groups are present in the workforce, and as there was no return from maternity leave during the relevant period.

Reveyron has achieved the highest possible score of 35 points for the indicator that measures the equality in pay rise.

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